In-Ho Kim is the executive chef at the Maison Glad Jeju and adjunct professor of the Jeju University department of Food Science and Nutrition. He went to graduate school at Jeju International University and majored in food Science and Nutrition. He started hotel work with Holiday Hotel and now he is charged of Maison Glad Jeju’s representative buffet <Samdajeong>, Banquet, and Bakery. He is a pupil of the first Master of Traditional Food of Jeju, Ji-Soon Kim who participated in the Jeju Food and Wine Festival together. He tried a variety of trendy dishes based on remarkable understanding about Jeju’s ingredients. Also, he set a high value on not only flavor but also nutrition balance. In addition, he has proactively informed Jeju’s dietary culture, Jeju’s traditional foods, and rite-of-passage of foods.