Ji-soon Kim, an expert in Jeju’s traditional cuisine, was born in 1939. She had been taught by well-known cuisine scientist Jun-lyun Wang and has been researching Jeju dishes. She has been a director of Kim Ji-soon Culinary Academy since 1985 and she spreads the dishes in earnest including unique culture in Jeju. She defined the recipe of Jeju as ‘the taste of living original ingredients by season food ingredients.’ And she has reproduced traditional foods using special soy sauce and doenjang(soybean paste) in Jeju. From her all the efforts, she was selected The first Master of Traditional Food of Jeju Island. She has also established the Institute of Preserving Traditional Food of Jeju. Kim has been researching the preservation and improvement of traditional Jeju dishes for many years. Having been acknowledged for her contribution to the improvement of the image and development of the local culture of Jeju through her research, she was appointed the first Master of Traditional Food of Jeju. She is the author of two books, Jeju Foods and the Traditional Food Culture of Jeju.