Chef Hyung-Kyu Kim is a Korean specialist in Italian cuisine. He started his career in this area at the Il Ponte restaurant in Seoul’s Hilton Hotel after graduating from the Department of Food and Nutrition at Kyung Hee University. He faced many difficulties when he opened his own Italian restaurant in Korea because Korean people were still unfamiliar with Italian cuisine then. Not only was experiencing Italian food difficult – even finding a slice of authentic cheese was not easy at that time. While benchmarking famous overseas restaurants, he built up a collection of menus and cooking books from overseas and trained disciples. After working as an executive chef at La Cucina, he opened his own Italian restaurant Bistecca, and has been continuously studying Italian gastronomy during visits to Europe and Japan.

Highlight: A member of the first generation of Italian restaurant chefs in Korea, and former executive chef at La Cuccina, a legendary Italian restaurant in Seoul.