Sung-Hyun Ahn, who is currently executive chef of <Sushi Hoshikai> which is the first high-end sushi restaurant in Jeju Island, has been challenging culinary arts by using rare and unknown ingredients of Jeju since <Sushi Hoshikai> opened in 2014. Based on his culinary career including working experience at the best sushi restaurant in Korea such as <Sushi Sunsoo>, he was the first chef who demonstrated dark red shari by using Akatsu(long term ripening vinegar). Also, he has changed Korean sushi trend by using rare and unique fishes which were only used in Japan. Celebrating the 5th anniversary of <Sushi Hoshikai>, he adopted handcrafted high class refrigerator from Japan and renovated restaurant interior with masterpiece of artists and masters so that he can provide customers with greater satisfaction.