Chef Hyo-joo Ahn is nicknamed “Mr Sushi-king of Korea.” He earned it after he was introduced as a Korean sushi chef in the famous Japanese cartoon, Mister Sushi-king. The author of the cartoon actually visited Chef Ahn and asked him to invent a Korean sushi. The result was “Ginseng Sushi.”

Previously a professional boxer, he started his career as a sushi chef by the merest chance. He deepened his knowledge of Japanese cuisine by continuously training in Japan and climbed the ranks to become head chef and finally executive chef at Ariake, the Japanese restaurant of a prestigious Hotel Shilla in Seoul. He then over the helm of Korea’s leading sushi specialty restaurant, Sushi Hyo.

Highlight: The real model for a famous Japanese cartoon, “Mister Sushi-king,” former executive chef of Japanese restaurant of Seoul’s Shilla Hotel.