Chef Chanoh Lee is the owner chef of French restaurant, Manu Terrace. After graduating from high school, he studied at a university in Australia and became interested in cooking after a brief stint in a kitchen. He dove into the culinary world after being inspired by the visual beauty of creative cooking in a cook book by Chef Charlie Trotter. He worked as a head chef at PIER, which has received 3 hats from the “Sydney Morning Herald” newspaper (often referred to as “The Australian Michelin”), before becoming sous-chef at PELLO (a 2-hat restaurant). He then headed to France to learn authentic French cuisine. There, he worked at Michelin 2-starred restaurant Relais Louis 13, before moving to Statig in the Netherlands. Afterwards, he became executive chef at the Imperial Palace Hotel and at Ronne Feldt Teehaus in Seoul. He opened his own restaurant Manu Terrace in April 2015.

Highlight: Emeritus professor of Creative Culinary Institute of Korea, guest chef on popular TV cooking shows Look After My Refrigerator and My Little Television.