Seo-Hyung Lim, who is the owner chef of <Charong>, modern Jeju cuisine restaurant with single table in Hallim, Jeju, is recently most talked-about person within Jeju gourmets. Since she was born and raised in Jeju, she knows nature,environment, and culture of Jeju more than anyone well, and finally she decided to study Jeju cuisine. After majoring Korean cuisine from Baehwa Women’s College, she constantly explored Korean cuisine by attending Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine and Institute of Traditional Korea Food. She met famous chefs and had diverse experience while studying in London WKC and New York ICE, and she could establish her own values for cuisine. Coming back to Korea, she was in charge of chef and food director of KBS cooking studio and opened her own restaurant with a single table <Charong> in Jeju whose theme is traditional Jeju cuisine. She represents identity of Jeju by reinterpreting culinary value in her own way.