Heewon Lim is a head chef in Hong Kong MOMOJEIN through a head chef of Marilyn and Eataly. MOMOJEIN headed by Heewon Lim has been attracting many various tourists including Hong Kong by modern Korean dining and was registered on ‘The Plate’ by modern Korean dining for the first time among 2018 Hong Kong Michelin guide. In addition, MOMOJEIN was selected as the Best Casual Restaurant announced by Foodie Hong Kong in 2016, the Best Korean Restaurant announced by Crave Magazine Award for the third consecutive year from 2016. He is a head chef in MOMOJEIN as well as a guest professor at ICA in Korea. He was also a cast member in Korean TV show ‘Olive show’, ‘A chef’s late-night snack’, ‘Live information box’ and ‘Let’s find, delicious TV’ so he has been positioned as a star chef.