Moon-Seung Han is a passionate young man who have always dreamed of becoming a chef. He was born in nothern Jeju’s small coastal village, Jocheon. After building culinary skills by working in many well-known restaurants in town, he joined Jeju’s most famous sushi restaurant, <Sushi Hosikai> and pursued his career as a chef. In 2017, he came back to his hometown, Jocheon and started his own restaurant <Jeju Hanmyeonga>, which was named after his last name. He aims to promote Jeju’s true traditional food that has been modified and faded as tourists in Jeju increased. Recreating the warm and affectionate taste of ‘Meat noodle’ and ‘Dombae meat’ that the old villagers used to cook in village festival in his childhood, he meditates his heart and passion when he had in his childhood.