Day 1

Grand Kitchen with Masters
  • 10 AM – 6:30 PM, May 18th (Thu)
  • Halla Convention Center of Cheju Halla University
  • Capacity : 400
  • What will Happen?
    In this master class, 8 top chefs will demonstrate their signature dishes and techniques. They will create brand-new recipes with selected Jeju ingredients. The event comprises five sessions, in which pairs of international and Korean chefs will work together. A special session has also been added, offering global wines. Guests will be able to visit various additional booths, which will introduce each special ingredient used by the chefs in their creative sessions. The event provides a rare chance to experience current trends in the global, gastronomic world, especially for those who seek to build a career in the culinary sector.

Day 2

Garden Dinner
  • 6:30PM- 9PM, May 19th (Thu)
  • Maison Glad Jeju
  • Capacity : 700 persons
  • What will Happen?
    Visitors will dine upon fine cuisine served in Maison Glad Jeju. Fourteen star chefs from Korea and overseas will offer dishes utilizing Jeju’s most unique, freshest ingredients at their booths. The seafood, meat and vegetables of Jeju will be reborn as brand-new dishes through bold new recipes. Guests will also be able to taste various wines from around the world, as well as Korean traditional alcoholic beverages. While enjoying luscious fruit desserts at the tail-end of the event, guests will witness an unforgettable panorama as darkness falls and the sun sinks into the ocean.

Day 3

Chef Talk
  • Date: 2:30pm~4pm, May 9th (Thu)
  • Venue: Halla Convention Center of Cheju Halla University
  • Jeju and Kangwon province’s student chef contest

Day 4

Garden Dinner
  • Date: 6:30pm~9pm, May 18th 2018 (Fri)
  • Venue: Maison Glad Jeju
  • Capacity: 700
  • Star chefs from Jeju, Seoul, and international will offer dishes utilizing Jeju’s ingredients at their booths

Day 4

Jeju Gourmet Market 
  • Date: 4:30pm~6:30pm, May 10th 2019 (Fri)
  • Venue: Maison Glad Jeju
  • Selling and tasting wine Jeju’s traditional liquor, Jeju’s local food, cheese and snacks to everyone

Day 5

Gala Dinner 
  • Date: 6pm~9pm, May 11th 2019 (Sat)
  • Venue: Haevichi Hotel and Resort Grand Ballroom
  • 6 top chefs will demonstrate their signature dishes and techniques. Paired wine will served as well

Events JFWF 2018