2016 Main Events


Day 1

Bounty of Jeju
  • Cliff Garden of Hyatt Regency Jeju
  • Eleven star chefs from Korea and overseas will offer dishes utilizing Jeju’s most unique, freshest ingredients at their booths

Day 2

Grand Kitchen with Masters
  • Halla Convention Center of Jeju Halla University
  • In this master class, ten top chefs will demonstrate their signature dishes and techniques.

Day 2

Taste Jeju Local Food Free
  • Front Yard of Jeju Halla Univ. Convention Center
  • Introduce Jeju Local Food and Free Tasting

Day 3

Hawaii Meets Jeju
  • Halla Convention Center of Jeju Halla University
  • Ten top chefs will demonstrate their signature dishes and techniques.

2016 Invited Chefs


about Jeju Food & Wine Festival

The first Jeju Food and Wine Festival (JFWF) takes place on Jeju Island, off the southern tip of South Korea, this year. The festival brings together famous chefs from Korea and abroad, and unites them on Jeju Island. The festival offers sumptuous cuisine and sparkling entertainment, capitalizing on the fresh and seasonal ingredients unique to Jeju, and the island’s lively and welcoming spirit.

JFWF is a nonprofit cultural festival designed to showcase the outstanding quality of Jeju’s agriculture, fisheries and livestock sectors. It also contributes to the promotion of next-generation Korean culinary talent; upgrades the local MICE sector; and boosts the overall tourism and gastronomy sectors on Jeju Island.

Gourmet Week

  • Venue : Hidden local restaurants all over Jeju island (as selected by JFWF organizing committee and Jeju Tourism Organization)

Gourmet Week was created to introduce new restaurants and chefs, as well as to showcase the true tastes of Jeju. Restaurant goers will choose from among various kinds of foods, and will be able to sample exclusive menus at special prices offered exclusively during Gourmet Week. Naturally, this provides an excellent opportunity for the island’s restaurants to participate in the JFWF.

2016 Sponsors